maine lakefront rentalsAs you are walking through the wooded hiking trails, you peer to the side of the beaten path to a marsh area. You stand still and gaze on as a towering moose dips its snout into the water to pull up its green dinner and munches peacefully. Staying at a safe distance, a few photos are snapped, and you leave the giant beast to its meal and move on to even more wonderful wildlife. When you stay with us in our Maine lakefront rentals, this is not an uncommon experience when you head out for one of our moose and wildlife excursions here at Wilsons On Moosehead Lake.

By Sea

With all of the beautiful waterways in our area, there are several intriguing members of our wildlife that tend to thrive in areas best traveled to by boat. You can discover some of our aquatic dwelling neighbors with a tour through the area while afloat. Climb aboard a Scenic Lake Tour with a party of five people or less. Another fantastic way to get a close-up view of our wading residents is by taking a canoe or kayak tour with Northeast Whitewater.

By Land

There are so many different animals and sites to discover when you stay in our Maine lakefront rentals that sometimes you need to kick up a little bit of dust to get there. Spend a few hours out and exploring with one of our SUV excursions or Jeep Safaris through the scenic trails.maine lakefront rentals

By Foot

One of the best ways to indulge in the beauty of the wildlife surrounding our lodge is by hitting the trails on foot. Many local guides can take you through the area safely and point out some of our incredible habitats along the way. Climb Mount Kineo in a group or with an experienced guide.


There are endless adventures around the lake and throughout our surrounding woodlands here at Wilsons On Moosehead Lake. Stay with us in our Maine lakefront rentals and discover it all for yourself on one of these exciting tours. Discover the wonder of Moosehead Lake and book an unforgettable stay with us by giving us a call or visiting our website