maine lakefront rentalsThe back to school commercials are on repeat and kids are getting antsy with mixed feelings about returning to the classroom. Parents are trying to get all of those last minute school supplies, and teachers are putting together lesson plans. Why not escape one last time before class is in session and enjoy the final moments of summer in one of our Maine lakefront rentals at Wilsons On Moosehead Lake.

Reset Before Returning

A new school year can be stressful. Sports and afterschool programs will be starting up, and kids will be hard at work with homework most nights. Head out for an excursion to clear your minds and relax for a while. By allowing yourself to recharge and let the kids discover the beautiful Moosehead Lake area, you can clear your mind and start the school year fresh. When you stay with us, you will not need to worry about all the worries of first-day outfits or what classes the kids will be in; you can just enjoy time as a family away from it all.

maine lakefront rentalsKick Back And Relax

Though the fall foliage is still a little ways from coming into full color, the hot summer days are beginning to simmer down. It is the perfect season for a hike through the surrounding trails and take in the views. Grab a pair of binoculars and discover various types of birds and wildlife along the way. On days that the temperatures still climb up the thermometer, lounge lakeside or string up a hammock for a relaxing day in the summer breeze. There is no shortage of summer fun left, and the lake is still inviting for a swim.

Soak Up The Last Of Summer

Summer may be coming to a close, but it is not over yet. Get the kids out and have some fun with us at Wilsons On Moosehead Lake. Our Main lakefront rentals are ready to accommodate you and your family. Get the remaining summer jitters out so that you are relaxed and prepared for the awaiting school year. Give us a call or visit our website to book your Wilsons On Moosehead Lake excursion and savor the remaining days of summer!